When in Rome..


I have surrendered. For a long time I didn’t want a wall around my compound. Maybe a little overdramatic, but it always makes me think of Mutabaruka’s song “The Monkey Speaks His Mind”┬áBesides that, I wanted to be able to look far, and see the bush and the birds and other creatures beyond the limits of my piece of land. But in 2 years time a lot has changed. More and more compounds have popped up around me. And the first thing a Gambian does after he buys some land, is make some blocks and build a wall around it. Little by little I was convinced to do the same. Right after my change of heart, I got a great opportunity to buy the blocks that are needed, and for a very good price. That’s how things go, sometimes. When in Rome… do as the Gambians do.

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  1. Hi Sarah, a little bit of everything you mentioned. That, and the fact that the Gambian government has the rule that you have to fence your compound within so many years after you buy. My barbed wire fence keeps on rusting away, so it’s time for some serious fencing!

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