In the village of Tintinto, the Gambia, West-Africa, an eco buildingproject is taking place. Bonnie Vooijs, Adama Jallow and their friends in the Gambia are building a house in eco style made out of used car tires. The building of the 10 x 14 m house started in August 2011. Here you’ll find stories and pictures of the building project, a green Gambia and more. Picture: Bonnie and Adama “mama Africa”.

The Amazing Rianne

Rianne HabrakenIMG-20170401-WA0001
This Gambia- based Dutch nurse has been helping Gambians for decades by giving them medical care. Rianne helps out with her own means, time and expertise and the help of a group of friends and relatives. She has never felt the need to set up a formal foundation or organization to support her activities. As a thank you, her support group receive letters (by snail mail!) in which she describes her experiences in the Gambia. Her letters read like the chapters of an exciting book in several volumes; moving, raw, respectful to Gambian culture and compassionate. Above all: Rianne cares.

If you want to donate to Rianne directly:

Her (Dutch) bank account number is NL98INGB0002623852 to H.C.M.I. Habraken


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My neighbour Mariama came to visit me and without hesitation offered to help clean the kitchen from paint, cement, varnish and what-not. I’m grateful to have a neighbour like her. She is a wonderful, warm woman who always makes me laugh and, I must say it; this woman can clean!! If I had only half of her strength..