Wildlife in the Gambia

Riddle: what do insects have to do with an iron ? 

There aren’t many dangerous animals in the Gambia: crocodiles (in the river), hyena’s (in the bush), hippo’s, some snakes (also in the bush and most of them not poisonous)  and that’s it. You’re much more likely to suffer from worms, for example, and insects like mosquitoes that spread malaria. And then, there’s the mango fly. A mango fly (picture not mine) plants eggs in sand and even in the seams of your laundry hanging out to dry. This way, little worms can enter your skin, grow there, while eating your flesh, and when they’re fully grown they crawl out. Altogether that’s a really painful experience. I’ve seen pets and people suffer from it.  That’s a reason why Gambians always iron everything, even their jeans. I promise never to make fun of it again… Want to have a horror? Google “mango fly” and you’ll find some really grewsome movie clips. ..

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