Mama Africa

This is my friend Adama, or “Mama Africa”. She owns a cigarette shop on the Senegambia strip and, amongst many other things, ¬†supports the handicapped in the Gambia. Her shop, to me, is the heart of Senegambia and it’s amazing how many people know her and how many people she knows. I’ve never seen her unfriendly or in a bad mood, she’s a warm and caring personality and great fun to be around. When she heard about the rubber house, she was determined to come, visit and bless the place. My objections; the fact that is not finished yet, and that there’s only a sand road to the house, didn’t stop her. Wheelchair and sandy road or not, Adama will always get to where she wants to be. My land and house are blessed by¬†The Mama Africa, and that can only mean good things for the future.

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